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Welcome to EthnoPhysics

EthnoPhysics is a theory about physics that is based on describing what we see, hear, taste and feel.  Ideas are presented in a way that is accessible to an adventurous lay reader.  We start in plain newspaper English, then as we go along, words with specialized meanings are explained in terms of common sensations.  The level of mathematics is mostly high-school algebra.

So far EthnoPhysics has made scientific definitions of mass and time.  This includes a detailed mathematical analysis of nuclear particles that compares very favorably with experimental observation. The conservation laws and Pauli’s exclusion principle have been explicitly traced to their historical roots.   The intellectual price for these improvements is abandoning the idea of perfectly continuous space.  So the use of calculus is constrained.

Right now EthnoPhysics is developing a scientific theory of space, together with an exposition of Newtonian Mechanics.  Ideas are arranged in logical order so they can be taught with minimal hand-waving. 

EthnoPhysics has almost nothing to say about the mysteries of the universe.  It is called ethno physics because it is based on our collective experience. It explicitly includes cultural notions of classification, especially the Western style. And it incorporates social priorities about what gets attention.  Ultimately, EthnoPhysics enriches further theoretical development with an expanded library of semiotic textures.