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Earthiness is illustrated by this planet icon for the sensation of touching the earth.

Earthiness is a catchall term that describes sensations that are experienced by touching the Earth. For EthnoPhysics, the Earth itself is assumed to provide a reference sensation. So we expect that there are some feelings to do with terrestrial life that are known to just about everyone. For example, feeling the pressure of bodily contact with the floor.

Reference Constants for Earthiness

The complex experience of earthiness is represented by seven numbers.

  • Terrestrial life is assumed to provide a sensory background of miscellaneous events noted by \Psi ^{\, \sf{ Earth}}. This ordered chain is then used to specify a number called the direction of time.

  • The distribution of quark types found on Earth is assumed to determine the numerical value of h, known as Planck’s constant.

  • Various components of the quark metric, noted by k_{\alpha \beta} , are defined from statistical correlations between different sorts of quarks in the terrestrial environment.