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 \mathbf{A} a generic atom Atoms

Aan april seedSeeds

A a cross-sectional area Atomic Models

\widehat{A} a surface area The Norm

 \mathcal{A} an asymmetric phase component Photon Definitions

an acidic seedSeeds

\overline{a} the acceleration Acceleration

𝘢 a meson 𝘢 – Mesons

  {\mathsf{a}}an april quarkApril Quarks

 \overline {\mathsf{a}}an april anti-quarkApril Quarks

  {\mathrm{a}}an acidic quarkAcidic Quarks

 \overline{\mathrm{a}}an acidic anti-quarkAcidic Quarks

 \mathbf{B} a generic atom Length

𝘽 a meson 𝘽 – Mesons

 B the baryon number Quantum Numbers

Ba bottom seedSeeds

a basic seedSeeds

𝙗 a meson 𝙗 – Mesons

 {\mathsf{b}}a bottom quarkBottom Quarks

\overline {\mathsf{b}}a bottom anti-quarkBottom Quarks

{\mathrm{b}}a basic quarkBasic Quarks

\overline{\mathrm{b}}a basic anti-quarkBasic Quarks

Ca charmed seedSeeds

  {\mathsf{c}}a charmed quarkCharmed Quarks

  \overline {\mathsf{c}} a charmed anti-quarkCharmed Quarks

 \mathrm{cov}_{\alpha \beta} the covarianceMetrics

Da down seedSeeds

𝘿 a meson 𝘿 – Mesons

D_{\mathsf{o}} the bond dissociation energy Molecules and Bonds

a dextro seedSeeds

🅓the minimum number of core down quarksNuclear Classification

{\mathsf{d}}a down quarkDown Quarks

\overline {\mathsf{d}}a down anti-quarkDown Quarks

{\mathrm{d}}a dextro quarkDextro Quarks

\overline{\mathrm{d}}a dextro anti-quarkDextro Quarks

 d \! \bar{r} the displacement Displacement

𝞓 a baryon 𝞓 – Baryons

  \Delta  n^{\sf{Z}}the net number of Z-type quarksCounting Quarks

  \Delta  U^{\sf{Z}} the conjugate difference Conjugate Symmetry

\delta^{*}the oddnessOddness

\delta_{\mathit{e}}the yellownessYellowness

\delta_{\widehat{e}} the electric polarity Electric Polarity

\delta_{\mathit{H}}the sournessSourness

\delta_{\mathit{I}}the saltinessSaltiness

\delta_{\mathit{m}}the rednessRedness

\delta_{\widehat{m}} the magnetic polarity Magnetic Polarity

\delta_{\! R} the handedness Handedness

\delta_{\mathit{S}}the sweetnessSweetness

\delta_{t} the temporal orientation Temporal Orientation

\delta_{\mathit{T}}the coldnessColdness

\delta_{\tau}the warmnessWarmness

\delta_{\mathit{w}}the whitenessWhiteness

\delta_{z} the helicity Helicity

Ean evil seedSeeds

 E the mechanical energy Mechanical Energy

 \mathbb{E} Euclidean space Cartesian Coordinate Systems

  \widehat{E} the specific energy Size

   {\mathsf{e}}an evil quarkEvil Quarks

  \overline{\mathsf{e}} an evil anti-quark Evil Quarks

\mathsf{e^{-}} an electron The Electron

 \hat{e} the electric axis unit vector Quark Space

  \epsilon_{t} the direction of time Historical Order

 \varepsilon the audibility Audibility

 {\varepsilon _{\mathsf{o}}} the vacuum electric permittivity Yellowness

F a reference frame Frames

\overline{F} the force Second Law of Motion

 \mathscr{F} a field quantum Fields

𝙛 a meson 𝙛 – Mesons

Ga good seedSeeds

 \mathsf{g}a good quarkGood Quarks

  \overline {\mathsf{g}}a good anti-quarkGood Quarks

 \mathsf{\Gamma} a graviton Gravitons

  \varGamma the full width Lifetime

 \gamma the Lorentz factor Mechanical Energy

\boldsymbol{\gamma} a photon Photon Definitions

 \mathbf{H} atomic hydrogen Atomic Hydrogen

 H the enthalpy Enthalpy

𝙝 a meson 𝙝 – Mesons

𝞰 a meson 𝞰 – Mesons

 \mathbf{\Theta} a clock Clocks

\theta the phase angle Phase Angle

an ionic seedSeeds

  {\mathrm{i}}an ionic quarkIonic Quarks

\overline{\mathrm{i}}an ionic anti-quarkIonic Quarks

  \textsl{\textsf{J}}the total angular momentum quantum numberQuantum Numbers

𝙅/𝝍 a meson 𝙅/𝝍 – Mesons

 j the total atomic angular momentum quantum number Atoms

 {\mathrm{\overline{J}}} the total angular momentum vector Angular Momentum

 K the kinetic energy Dynamic Equilibrium

\widehat{K} the vis viva Urgency

ka generic constantConstants

 \kappa the wavenumber Wavelengths

\overline{\kappa} the wavevector Waves

Lthe lepton numberQuantum Numbers

 \text{\L} the Lamb quantum Excited Hydrogen

a levo seedSeeds

 {\mathrm{l}}a levo quarkLevo Quarks

\overline{\mathrm{l}}a levo anti-quarkLevo Quarks

 \ell the orbital angular momentum quantum number Atoms

𝞚 a baryon 𝞚 – Baryons

 \lambda the wavelength Wavelengths

Ma march seedSeeds

 m the rest mass Mass

 m_{s} the spin-projection quantum number Spin Vectors

   {\mathsf{m}}a march quarkMarch Quarks

  \overline {\mathsf{m}}a march anti-quarkMarch Quarks

 \hat{m} the magnetic axis unit vector Quark Space

 {\mu _{\mathsf{o}}}the vacuum magnetic permeabilityRedness

\raisebox{-0.04cm}{\it{N}} ^{\hspace{-.15cm}^{\mdsmblkcircle}} \rule{0px}{6px}^{\hspace{1px} \mathbf{\Theta}}the time units conversion factorCounting Bundles

 \mathrm{n} the principal quantum number Excited Particles

 \widehat{\mathrm{n}} the rotary quantum number Rotation

  \widetilde{\mathrm{n}} the transition mean principal quantum number Fine Spectral Structure

  na quark coefficientCounting Quarks

 \nu the frequency Counting Bundles

𝞝 a baryon 𝞝 – Baryons

 \xi the transition type Fine Structure

Oan ordinary seedSeeds

Oan odd seedSeeds

  \mathsf{P}_{k} a generic event Events

 \overline{p} the momentum Momentum

 \mathsf{p^{+}} a proton The Proton

 \mathbb{Q} quark space Quark Space

  \mathsf{q}a generic quarkQuarks

  qthe chargeQuantum Numbers

R the orbital radius Spatial Extension

𝞺 a meson 𝞺 – Mesons

 \rho a radius Radii

  \varrho the density of a particle Mass

  \widetilde{\varrho} the transition energy density Fine Structure

Sa strange seedSeeds

   {\mathsf{s}}a strange quarkStrange Quarks

  \overline {\mathsf{s}}a strange anti-quarkStrange Quarks

Sthe strangenessQuantum Numbers

 \mathscr{S} the action Planck’s Postulate

 \mathcal{S} a symmetric phase component Excited Particles

 \mathrm{\overline{S}} the spin angular momentum vector Spin Vectors

 s the spin angular momentum quantum number Pointy Particles

𝞢 a baryon 𝞢 – Baryons

 \sigma the standard deviation Quark Models

Ta top seedSeeds

  T  \hspace{0.08cm}  ( ^{\circ} \mathsf{C} ) the Celsius temperature Temperature

  T  \hspace{0.08cm}  ( \mathsf{K} ) the thermodynamic temperature Lifetime

  \mathsf{t} a top quarkTop Quarks

  \overline {\mathsf{t}}a top anti-quarkTop Quarks

 t the time of occurrence Time

 \tau the mean life Lifetime

\widehat{\tau} the period Time

Uan up seedSeeds

 \mathcal{U} the potential energy Potential Energy

 U the internal energy Internal Energy

{\widetilde{U}}^{\mathsf{D}}the mean internal energy of down quarksWhiteness

   {\mathsf{u}}an up quarkUp Quarks

  \overline {\mathsf{u}}an up anti-quarkUp Quarks

V the volume Atomic Models

  \widehat{V} a unit volume Fine Structure

  \widetilde{V} the transition volume Fine Structure

 \mathsf{v} the speed Velocity

 \overline{\mathsf{v}} the velocity Velocity

𝞤 a meson 𝞤 – Mesons

𝟇 a meson 𝟇 – Mesons

𝞦 a meson 𝞦 – Mesons

𝞆 a meson 𝞆 – Mesons

x the abscissa Cartesian Coordinates

 \pmb{\chi}a stereochemical quarkAtomic Hydrogen

 \widehat{x} the abscissa-axis unit-vector Spatial Axes

\Psi ^{\mathsf{P}}a generic chain-of-events for particle PEvents

W the work Work

an aqueous seedSeeds

  {\mathrm{w}}an aqueous quarkAqueous Quarks

  \overline{\mathrm{w}}an aqueous anti-quarkAqueous Quarks

{\mathsf{\Omega}}^{\mathsf{P}}a generic orbit of particle POrbits

𝞨 a baryon 𝞨 – Baryons

𝟂 a meson 𝟂 – Mesons

\omega the angular frequency Counting Bundles

 y the ordinate Cartesian Coordinates

 \widehat{y} the ordinate-axis unit-vector Spatial Axes

 \mathsf{Z}a generic seedSeeds

 \mathsf{z}a generic ordinary quarkCounting Quarks

 \overline{\mathsf{z}}a generic anti-quarkCounting Quarks

z the applicate Cartesian Coordinates

 \widehat{z} the polar axis unit vector Quark Space

 \zeta the quark index Quark Index